Golden Saint Armor


* Adds a set of Golden Saint light armor which inculdes gauntlets, pauldrons, a cuirass, greaves, and boots.

* Includes gender-specific cuirass and boots: females get heeled boots and men are bare-chested.

* Textures packs available for seperate download allow for all ten races to show the correct skin.

* Available for sale in Goldyn Belaram's shop in Suran.


Requires the Tribunal expansion pack and LeFemm Armor plugin.
This mod was cleaned with TESAME.
The character heads in the screen shots are from Rhedd's male and female nord collection and are not included in this mod. If you're like me and think they're pretty neat, pop on over to the link section and check out his site.

Disclaimer: The new armor and clothing pieces included in this mod were created using the pre-existing Bethesda models included the game and the lefemm armor plugin. All texture maps were created by chopping up and re-aranging Bethesda's golden saint textures, or re-coloring other textures of Bethesda manufacture. In essence, the only original work on my part is the somewhat sophisticated cut&paste job involved in creating the textures and the nifs, as well as the spiffy new icons.


Back view of female armor.
Front view of male armor.
Back view of male armor.



Golden Saint Armor: Skin Texture Packs

Oblivion font by Dongle