Web Comics

I love web-comics. They've become far more interesting then the comics in the local newspaper, there's more variety, they don't have to report to the local paper's editor, and, most importantly, I don't have to pay 45¢ to read them. (or the Local paper for that matter.)

These are mostly in the order I read them.(I save the best for last.)

  • Peanuts! - They're running 'classic' strips now.
  • Dilbert - Corporate Humor. Learn how a dreary job can seem humorus and ironit if it's not your job.
  • User Friendly - Geek Humor: Life at an ISP. Frankly, I think this one used to be better. Read the archives and decide for yourself.
  • PVP-Online - Life at a Game magazine. Full of references to current computer games. Non-gamers need not bother.
  • Penny-Arcade - Follow the pathetic lives of two loser computer gamers. Again non-gamers need not bother. (M-W-F only)
  • GPF-Comics - Follow the wacky antics of the coders at 'GPF-Software'. Geek Humor on calaber with User Friendly's early stuff.
  • ? - This one is a bit odd. IT's a single-pannel, non-serial job, (like The Far Side) and every strip revolves around the same drawing of Proffesor Ashfield. Sounds lame, but is very witty.
  • Sluggy Freelance - One of the first, and still one of the best. Very story-oriented. Better read from the begining of the archvie. Or at the very least, from the begining of the current chapters.
  • Dr. Fun - The Web-only comic 'strip'. It's a single-panel cartoon that's usualy very funny. Next best thing to The Far Side now that Gary Larsen has retired.
  • College Roomies From Hell - Very funny strip about some psycotic college students. (Some with bizare mutations and super-powers!) Very good strip. Very story based. I recomend reading the entire archive, even though the art is prety rough at the begining.
  • Nukees - A story about a mad-scientist grad student. Geek oriented humor, but not computer geek oriented. If you're an engineer, or just technicaly minded, I'd recomend this strip. Story-oriented, so again, read from the begining.(M-W-F Only.)