Random and Pointless!

We've all heard of road-trip bingo, right? It's bingo cards but instead of numbers you get things you're supposed to spot out the window during a long road trip. But what about our road-trip down the Information Super-Hightway? What about people who spend more time reading forums on the Internet than they do actualy doing things or going places? How will they play bingo? Have no fear, For I have invented a form of "road bingo" where online forums may take the place of actualy leaving your house. So, print up a bingo card, grab your bingo marker, and you'll be all set to fight boredom as you cruise down the information super-highway!

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Coed Ninja Online!

A year ago I was frustrated with the comic page in "The Lowell Connector", the school paper for U-Mass lowell and decided that even I could do better than them. I was wrong, of course. But with Scorp's help, the two of us were able to create a great comic, and 'Coed Ninja' was born. Scorp donated the ninja itself and I did the funny parts. Now this comic is online for all to enjoy. Yay.

THIS JUST IN : Steve Olsen has give his Gif Pronounciation Page a new look and a new home. Check it out!

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The LavArchive!

Sadly, my Web Cam no longer updates. It's just not practical to have the camera set up at the moment.

Instead, I've made it even more worthless then it was before by setting up and archive.

Here's how I would have made Lord of the Rings! (spoilers)
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Recently I got myself a new computer. I bought it as components because it was cheaper and I've been telling people that I assembled it myself. However, I can no longer live this lie so I made web page to disclose the horrible truth.

Incidentaly, This page has a lot of images and totals nearly a megabyte. If you're on a modem there's a good chance it's simply not worth your time.

Six new items added to the SirCam Circus! It's still going!

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Here's a good demonstration why I'm not a cartoonist! (On the other hand. It could be worse.)

Yay! A Web-Cam!

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The GIF Pronunciation Page

This page explains, in painstaking detail, exactly why everyone's favorite graphics format(sorry .png!) is pronounced like it were a popular brand of peanut butter.

It was originally created by Steve Olsen who apparently got bored of the gif pronunciation holy war, so he was nice enough to send me a copy and give me permission to host it.

"I send you this file in order to have your advice."

Sound familiar? I've rounded up all the files I've gotten from SirCam and separated them from the virus for a unique, candid, slice-of-life perspective on the Internet and the people who use it.

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I made these when I was taking classes that required me to use MS Office on a regular basis. I was going to do more, but then Microsoft started making fun of Clippy themselves. So suddenly it wasn't as funny any more.

Well, I don't go in much for 'cute' pictures, but you've got to like this one. This is an AP photo of Socks during Clinton's first term in office. The caption said the groundskeeper was 'taking it for a walk' and let him sit at the podium for a moment. Reporters usually weren't allowed to photograph Socks so this is a rare photo-op.

This photo is far more amusing if you imagine that Socks is giving a press conference.

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Back : Thumbnail

This is crazy. This came with my federal income-tax return. They're crazy if they think I want to buy one of these things. I guess it's a tax on people who have no sense.

This is The Catalog. A friend of mine and myself made this a while back as a spoof of all the crazy catalogs we got.

That's it really, go look at it. Yea, I know, the HTML is pretty crazy. I said it was a while ago! That was back when I had to use my black and white handheld scanner!